Adults 50+ in Middle Tennessee live longer, more fulfilling lives through the innovative programs and services of FiftyForward. Committed and compassionate staff, volunteers and partners form a powerful leadership team affecting older adults, their families, and the community.

Established in 1956, we have built on our vision and the need to provide comprehensive programming. Annually more than 20,000 senior adults, children and families benefit from FiftyForward.

At seven FiftyForward locations, five in Davidson County and two in Williamson County, members enjoy classes, activities, events, trips and projects focusing on education, health, recreation, and volunteer opportunities.

Older adults maintain independence through our FiftyForward Living at Home Services.  FiftyForward Supportive Care services include Adult Day Services, Meals on Wheels, Care Management, Victory Over Crime, Conservatorship and the Care Team.

As a volunteer with FiftyForward RSVP,  FiftyForward FLIP, or FiftyForward Foster Grandparents Program, your time and talent nurtures others.  Additional volunteer opportunities are available for all age groups, time commitments and interests.


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In addition to center-based performing arts opportunities, The Senior Center for the Art’s Larry Keeton Theatre showcases multi-generational community talent.